Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Wardrobe: Clothing Additions

With spring weather still really about a month away where I live, I decided I should maybe start dealing with my spring wardrobe. Then I realized I didn’t really have one, or much of a wardrobe at all. We still have a good 4 or so feet of snow, so I have lots of time to fix this situation!


Behold the first batch of my Spring/Summer 2011 wardrobe! Total cost with tax and shipping included was just under $148. I’m pretty happy with my picks so far, I am a big fan of skirts and summer dresses, but because of the majority population of where I live being horribly unfashionable and underdressed all the time I felt stupid wearing them. I started wearing the norm uniform around here, believe me that involves going to get groceries in pj pants, or sweat pants that probably shouldn’t be worn outside your house.

Everything above I ordered online from Beyond the Rack, seriously if you like to shop but don’t like paying full price and you aren’t already a member of this site you should go JOIN NOW! I’ve ordered a couple pairs of shoes and some nice wool coats off the site already since I joined and I’ve so far been nothing but happy with my purchases. I live in a town with very little aside from Walmart, Warehouse One, and Bootlegger to shop in and it leaves it wide open to be wearing almost the exact same thing as someone else every time you go out. I’m totally willing to pay $11 in shipping to have cute, different clothing delivered to my door without the hassle of taking my brood with me. (Also it’s not just clothing, there are trips, furniture, jewelry, kids stuff, housewares, seriously it’s like my own personal online heaven!)

I’m hoping to be blogging more now, it’s been a rough month or so here in my little world and I just haven’t felt inspired or like I had the energy to do anything but the bare minimum required of me. Things might not actually be better here, but I guess that doesn’t mean I have to let it affect me so badly. Hope everyone in blog land is doing alright and that you all have a fantastic weekend!

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