Friday, November 19, 2010

A Few Good Layouts

So since I'm insanely tired right now this is just going to be a quick post with 3 of my more recent layouts! Then, bed. Sick kids are taking an insane toll on me.


This layout uses the absolutely adorable papers and elements in the Mischievous Mr Monkey set from Colie's Corner. I could not resist this kit. The monkeys and themed elements are just far too cute. Luckily I have a few monkey's of my own that I can scrap, so it works out well!


This layout uses the Stolen Moments paper pack and element packs also from Colie's Corner. I can not tell you how in love I am with the heart scatter! I'm pretty happy with this layout, and pushed the boundaries of my own ability to scrap a boy and a girl in the same layout. I do like how it came out with the pink, blue and brown. There are also hints of green here and there, so it managed to not look too girly!


And finally, my Halloween 2010 layout. I think this is the most pictures I've ever used on a single page layout, but I really do like the way it turned out. I also like the fact that I don't have 10 or so different Halloween pages for this year! I may do another one with a few of the other pictures and some more intense journaling, but this is the main page. I am in love with this adorable kit called Smell My Feet from Geek Chic Scraps. The alpha is the Recycled Dictionary Alpha from Geek Chic as well. It worked very nicely with this layout. It is seriously super cute and I was so happy when Halloween was over and I finally had Halloween pictures to scrap!

That's it for tonight. I can feel my eyes slowly closing so I must be off. I can't wait for these kids to all be not sick already.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Sneak Peeks and Catch Up.

I have a couple new product sneak peeks for this coming friday!! So be on the lookout for my new products (they will both be 30% off for a week once they are released!)




I'm excited for these to come out!! So look back on Friday for the full reveal. Also, don't forget that tomorrow is $1.00 Fairy Finds day at Enchanted Studio Scraps, I will have two products on sale for $1.00 tomorrow only so definitely stop in and check that out.

I have been so busy the last week, busy creating new products, busy crafting with my oldest daughter, busy realizing Christmas isn't as far away as I thought and that I need to start getting ready. My back has also really been bugging me. As it stands right now I can't lift my arms too high and my shoulders and neck hurt worse than they ever have before. Of course, because I'm in pain my kids are being bad so that I can't just relax ever. Hopefully I will be able to update a little more often but we'll see if it gets any better :(

Hope everyone had a decent Tuesday!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Sale:

One child. Female, blonde hair, blue eyes, boundless energy. This is a 2006 model but still in good shape. Comes with a healthy appetite for life (and food). Must be fed three square meals a day and two or three snacks as well. Needs regular exercise and interaction with the outdoors. Must be washed at least every two days in order to be kept remotely clean. Has minor problems with attitude but they should be able to be corrected. You will never have peace or quiet again! Willing to negotiate on terms of sale. Serious inquiries only please.


I’m having so much fun with the prompts we’re being sent in the True Stories class! It’s always neat to write something out in a different style and that is just what prompt 11 was about! I have done a couple of different versions of journaling for prompt 11 that I am pretty happy with! I can definitely see them becoming scrap layouts. The piece above will most definitely be turned into a scrapbook page. It’s nice to do some journaling that is more light hearted and not so serious every once in a while. I’m getting a little sad that this class is almost over, so I’m hoping to be able to continue on with classes that Shimelle puts on. She is taking registrations for Journal Your Christmas right now and I’m hoping I’m able to take part in it as well. It looks super fun!

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is going to be upon us. I have done no preparation for the holiday season at all. Haven’t even really thought about it, but I guess now I must start. But I should go and feed my kids some lunch and deal with the baby they just woke up. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Post Digital Scrapbooking Day Weekend

So November 6th was DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day) and this weekend was insane with scrapping activities everywhere! I was so exhausted last night that my eyes were definitely closing by 10 pm. I hope all the other digital scrappers took advantage of some of the awesome deals that were out and about this weekend!! I know I sure did. I managed to make a handful of chats, win some coupons, buy some new kits on insane sales and attend a couple of speed scraps. Yes, aside from eating and taking a break to sleep at night, I lived and breathed digital scrapbooking this weekend. Now, however, it is over and we must get back to reality and the reality I came to is “Oh my god, Christmas is coming.” Scary. I am not even slightly prepared :( But to keep this post slightly brief and to allow me to go off and work on some more necessary things, such as the overflowing pile of dirty laundry and loading my dishwasher, I will just post the last couple layouts I did. Tomorrow I am hoping to be back with a more substantial post. It is Art Every Day month and I have been working on things in between layouts, just don’t have pictures of anything but my layouts right now. So tomorrow I will be a better blogger!!


This layout was created for the 3rd week of Battle of the Creative teams. We had to make a monochromatic layout and we either had to switch pictures with our team mates or scrap ourselves. We decided to scrap ourselves, in purple. The actual scrapping had to be mostly in 2 corners of the layout too. I am not a big corner scrapper, so I’d like to try another monochromatic layout one day, but without the corner scrapping restriction. All the products used are by Geek Chic Scraps.


This layout was done for the final challenge of Battle of the Creative Teams. I must say as much fun as I had I am sort of glad it’s over. It really stressed me out for some reason! And most of the time when I sat down to scrap I wanted to just scrap what I wanted and not follow the challenge directions. But I am still very happy to have participated! This challenge we had to have a list of 10 things on our layouts and we had to use 10 and only 10 different products from our designers. Each member of the team had to use 2 of the same products on the layout as well. I had some fun coordinating the colors from 10 different products and figuring out what my 10 things to list would be. Eventually I settled on a list of 10 reasons why I rock. I am happy with this layout mostly, so yay! Again, this layout contains only products from Geek Chic Scraps. You can check out her pretty awesome blog HERE. It has her new releases, some recipes and all sorts of fun tips related to digi scrapping, photography and life!


This layout I did for a DSD speed scrap. It’s a picture from my mom’s wedding this spring. I used an action on the photo to give it kind of a neat blue-y tinge. Then I cropped it in real close to them and went about with the speed scrap instructions. I hadn’t participated in a speed scrap for so long, and it was nice to do one and have fun with it and just scrap! This isn’t even a creative team kit, I used one of my newly acquired purchases from the day to scrap with. This kit is called Eternally by Victoria Feemster and I just couldn’t pass it up. I fell in love with the colors and could see myself using pieces of the kit for so many different layouts! I was not disappointed, it was a very good purchase!

So there you have it, some of the art I’ve been working on lately. I have been working on some real art/craft things too, but DSD totally blew me out of the water this year so I have been scrapping a lot. Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candy Corn Colors!

I adore the colors of candy corn (the orange, yellow and white original stuff.) I just think it’s such a fun color combo and seeing them together always makes my sweet tooth start up! Unfortunately I didn’t see any candy corn in my kids treats this Halloween, so I decided to satisfy my sweet tooth by sharing some awesome candy corn inspired things that are much better for my waistline.

Candy Corn Inspired

1. Candy Corn Loofah Soap 2. Candy Corn Flower Hairpins 3. Candy Corn Hand Dyed Yarn 4. Candy Corn Braided Ribbon Barrettes 5. Candy Corn Teddy Bear 6. Candy Corn Duct Tape Rings 7. Candy Corn Crochet Tutu Dress 8. Candy Corn Bobby Pins 9. Candy Corn Sock Monkey 10. Candy Corn Shot Glass 11. Candy Corn Striped Crochet Hat 12. Candy Corn Votive Candles

Whew! Now if that isn’t some yummy candy corn inspired goodness than I don’t know what is!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Orient! November’s Blog Train Freebie

This month for the blog train, the theme was “the orient” it was a tough theme, but I decided to push myself anyways, so here it is:


What you get with my part is:

3 papers

1 frame

1 flower

1 fan

1 fortune cookie

1 uppercase gold hand doodle alpha

I had fun making it and loved the colors and seeing everyone’s contributions. There is some awesome stuff on this train everyone, so have some fun and get downloading!!

Download at 4shared or and enjoy!! Comments to let me know what you think are greatly appreciated!

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Visit the Blog Train Blog for full list of participant blogs and a slideshow of some of the previews.

Thanks for stopping by!