Monday, April 4, 2011

Official Spring Cleaning Start

In order to kick my booty into gear to get this house organized, cleaned and maybe even a nice deep spring clean I signed up for the 30 Day Organizathon over at The Get Organized Wizard. I’ve missed the first 3 days, but hoped right in with the challenge today! The challenge today was to declutter your bathroom cabinets. You’re supposed to set a timer for 5 minutes and just go crazy, well I did my 5 minutes and was addicted so I just forgot about the timer and cleaned my entire bathroom from top to bottom. I threw out 2 full 22L kitchen garbage bags of junk (old makeup, old hair products, wrecked kids bath toys, stuff we don’t use at all)! It was freeing, but crazy to see how much crap was literally just chilling in my bathroom when it didn’t need to be.


This picture makes me happy! Since we moved into this house in October the top shelf (below the mirror) has been absolutely full all the way across. There has also been stuff stacked up under the bottom shelf all across the counter top. I can’t believe how much cleaner it is. I got rid of a lot of my own stuff, but also quite a bit of the mans, I don’t think I’ve seen him gel his hair in ages so why did we still have 8 different gels hanging out taking up space?


This cupboard used to have all the bath stuff in it, the girls and the babies. I got really sick of the girls going into it to get out all their bath toys and play  with them and then have them not be in the bathroom anymore. I moved their stuff, and then put all the extra baby wash and lotions in here as well. The drawer inside was disgusting, they had spilled bubble bath and tub paints all over it. Now there is a zipper travel bag with all the ponytails and barrettes and they each have their comb & brush.


There is still quite a bit of extra stuff in the high cupboard, but that is because this is where I keep nail polish remover, or any expensive creams that I don’t want dumped all  over the tub or floor. I also keep the extra toothbrushes up here because otherwise they would have every single one out all at once!


Ok, so this picture is embarrassing! I emptied out some boxes that had still been packed since we moved (because I knew they were bathroom things, and knew we had no room for them at the time.) I found soap. I opened a drawer, I found soap. I opened a cupboard, I found soap. Yes, we have 23 boxes of bar soap just laying around waiting to be used now. Won’t be needing to buy any for a while.


This cupboard gets kid-locked. I moved all the girls bath toys and bubble baths into here because I am sick of them being everywhere. This also has bathroom specific cleaning supplies, my unused nice bath products and a basket that has more razers and blades in it then I even know what to do with. Did you know it’s cheaper to buy a “starter pack” razer and blades then it is to keep replacing the blades on your current razer? We did, hence a basket of them!

So that is one room done, and boy does it feel good. I only have what feels like 8 billion more to go, and I’m sure by the time I’m done another one they will have destroyed the bathroom. Another reason I took the pictures! They are proof, proof that it really was done!

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  1. Hey there. You haven't posted in awhile. Is your bathroom still this organized?