Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!!!

So we are starting a brand new year! Yay!! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the ringing in of the new year. We went to the house of the girl who babysits for us occasionally, her mom and Kurt work together. There were lots of other kids there for the girls to play with and Kale kept the women pretty entertained. It was nice, rather low key and the kids had a blast, so that is what matters most!

I have a couple layouts, 1 from 2010 still and then some new stuff for 2011, plus an exciting new project from me will be revealed today. There are a couple other ones in the works, but they still need some tweaking.

This first layout uses a really cutesy kit from Kats Creations and Starry Eyed Designs called Wobble and Toddle. The variety of toys in there made it perfect for scrapping the mess I like to call the kids playroom! This is also the color palette for the January Color challenge at ESS.


I did another layout for my Journal challenge at ESS as well, this time I used the elements and papers from Kats Creations contribution to the January CAC (Create a Collab) which she called Brand New Year.


I also decided to go on an art journal journey this year, so I signed up with a class of sorts and have completed my 2011 cover and my first page as of today! It’s really fun, because I’ll be doing the majority of mine digi style, I get to play around in digi in a way that isn’t traditional digi scrapping. I really enjoy it so far. I like using your imagery to paint a deeper picture. I like art journaling to calm my mind and relax me so that I can be creative in other parts of my life. The class/workshop/whatever I’m taking is called Art Journal Caravan, so my cover shows my new trusty camel (who of course is with me in a caravan.) I’m doing my art journal small for this year 5x7, for ease of printing if I feel so inclined, and so that I don’t overwhelm myself with something so new to me!


And here is my first page, it is about my word for 2011. My word is “self” because I feel like I spend so much time doing things for everyone else. Even my scrapping is more for the kids to remember things. I need to start taking better care of me so I can continue to take care of everyone else! I will have a regular scrap page going into more details about my word and why I chose it and what I hope to accomplish with it this year too. It should be started soon.


Everything so far for my journal pages has been from Tangie Baxter, some parts are from a collaboration between her and SherrieJD. I’m not listing regular credits because there are so many different products used in a single art journal page that I would stop doing it.

So that’s a quick peek at one of my new projects this year. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day you will get your first peek at one or two of the other new projects coming into my life. Have a great 2011 everyone!!!

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  1. hi Keira! I love your art journal pages!! Where are you taking the class? I'm thinking of taking one at my LSS, but I really like your digi pages.