Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The First Christmas 2010 Layout!

Wow, I almost feel on the ball. Almost! I have actually completed a layout from this Christmas…yay me! It is also the first year I’ve tried to get nice pictures of the kids by our tree, it of course didn’t work out quite the way I wanted given that kids are looking in all sorts of directions in all the pictures, but hey I tried. I used a super cute Christmas kit called Merry and Bright from Colie’s Corner for this layout and I ended up getting Layout Of The Day and a nod in Gallery Stand Outs at Gotta Pixel for it, so that was a very nice thing to wake up to!


We’ve spent the last few days trying to get back into regular day to day mode, but since the kids father works for the government, he got 2 days off to deal with the fact that Christmas and Boxing Day were on the weekend. That made it a lot harder to try and get the kids back into their normal routines. He is however back to work today, and since I have no big New Years Eve shenanigans planned, we can work on getting back in routine now! As much as I love the holidays I’m always glad when they are done, seriously, sometimes they are just too much for me. I worked on cleaning the bedrooms and living room yesterday, though you’d never know the one room was cleaned because the man went on a mad rampage for a tv remote last night. Oh well. Once the baby goes down for his nap it will be back to cleaning, the kitchen and bathroom are on today’s agenda, as well as laundry and re-cleaning the now torn apart bedroom! I’m making some plans for projects for 2011 and I’m really excited about them as well, so stay tuned for more information on those goings on. But for now I should go, the girls and I are watching Space Jam on tv while the little guy plays with toys and whines a bit.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!!

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  1. Beautiful Layout Keira! Your children are adorable. Happy New Year!