Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I really hope that everyone’s been having a great holiday season so far, and I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas tomorrow (or today depending on where you live!!) The mans work treated employees and their family to a pancake breakfast this morning, so that was nice for more reasons than you can imagine. Morgan has literally been whining for pancakes for breakfast every single day for about the last 2 weeks haha.

I still have a few things to wrap and apparently get to brave the stores to go buy milk and cranberry sauce this afternoon of all things, but I’m waiting til the man is off work at noon so that I don’t have to worry about having the kids with me! I don’t know how all these presents are going to fit under the tree, but I will make them! Tomorrow is going to be insanity in this house I’m sure, I need to take pictures of the kids with or opening certain gifts so that I can send them to the person who gave the kids that gift! But the girls are pretty excited to open things, and it will be nice to have them opened so I don’t have to chase the little guy away from them all the time. He’s poked holes in a couple and chewed corners on a couple more, drooled on some, and even tried to eat a tree branch (fake tree.) I thought I’d be on the lookout for the 2 year old, not for the baby!

I’m finally able to share the other layout I did!! I have so many layouts just waiting for the products to be released right now it’s insane, haha. I literally get so excited to share some of them that it’s agony waiting. The one I’m sharing today uses a kit called Courage by Geek Chic Scraps. This kit is bright colors and fun elements and I had a blast making my layout. I used a template by Scrapping with Liz to work from as well, because I fell in love with this set of templates when I saw it!


I love the way it turned out, I’d thought about using a plain paper as the background and rotating through patterned paper strips, but I’m really happy I went the other way, I think it makes the heart shape stand out really well! I’m hoping that since man doesn’t return to work until Wednesday that maybe he can keep an eye on the kids a bit and I can get in some major scrapping because I have some serious creative energy right now and some great things coming up for 2011!!

Merry Christmas again!!

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