Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Roundup!

Okay so I’ve seen this around on a few blogs, including of course the blog of Katie the Scrapbook Lady! And I’ve decided that maybe I should start to do it so that I forget less of those things I normally forget! So hopefully this becomes a monthly addition to my blog.

1. What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

This month I didn’t get a ton of reading done for myself, but I did manage to read a book called Baby Love which has a ton of recipes for home made baby and toddler food. I think I am really going to work on trying to make Kale’s baby food for him. One reason is because I’m really sick of going to our local stores and finding most of the baby stuff sold out. I also got to read this months issue of the Rachel Ray magazine. I don’t know what I would do without our library!!

2. What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?

I’m not a big TV show watcher, but I do try to keep up with How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory, so I managed to watch them. I also watched a couple episodes of Conan, but he is on so late that sometimes I fall asleep halfway through it, or make myself tired trying to stay up for it.

Movies on the other hand are a huge deal so I watched a couple. Grown Ups was absolutely hilarious and definitely worth watching. We also caught Jonah Hex which was a good movie, lots of action and it was like this insane weird mix of old western and super hero/villain ha, so it was up my alley and the man’s.  We also watched How to Train Your Dragon which our oldest daughter is now in love with and asks to watch all the time! We got some other movies too that were older, or we just hadn’t watched when they first came out, that we watched this month such as Up! which is always awesome. I think my oldest daughter and I both like it for the same reason (talking dogs…come on!!) We also watched MacGruber, The Lion King and some of the old Charlie Brown movies (ok we watched the Thanksgiving one, even though our Thanksgiving was in October.) We also watched Shrek the Halls which doesn’t really count as a movie, and the Flintstones Christmas Carol. They put Toy Story 2 on tv one day so we watched that but I got really annoyed with explaining to Morgan how there is more than one Toy Story. She kept saying this isn’t Toy Story mom because all she’s seen is the new one of course.

3. What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

We had a few dinners this month. We invited people over for supper the first Friday of November and did some BBQ steaks and all sorts of other things. It was pretty good!! Two weeks later we went to a friends for supper on the Sunday night and they had just got the Xbox Kinect, so the adults had some drinks and played some silly games, then we taught Morgan how to play and she bowled the night away! Thursday (Nov 25th) we had my pre maternity leave boss and his new wife over for supper. It was fun but a little strange because she is Thai and though her English is better than I had thought it would be, it was still hard to remember to slow my speaking down for her. The girls wrangled her down to the toy room to play with them before I was even introduced to her, and she was in love with the baby so she held him a good part of the night. Then on Sunday the 28th we had a bunch of people over for the Grey Cup party. I don’t watch a ton of football, but any excuse for people to come over, finger foods and a few drinks is fine by me. So we had a rather busy month with friends. I’m hoping that keeps up though now that most of us have houses that we just bought or have fixed up and can have people in.

4. What gifts did I give and/or receive?

I didn’t really give or receive any gifts in November. I guess we got the girls one of those mini skidoos, but it was very used and we only got it because the place it was at thought it was going to be insane to fix up enough to run. I think Kurt had it going in a week. It’s not the nicest looking thing in the world, but it runs and the older kids that belong to our group of friends have fun on it.

5. What special or unusual purchases did I make?

Christmas presents of course!! Can’t talk much about them yet! I guess the skidoo counts here too! We also ordered a new projector and an actual screen for it, so I’m pretty excited for it to arrive.

6. What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

I personal had none, except the ever impending bleh too large size of my body right now, hahaha. All 3 of the kids were sick with some pretty bad colds that are still trying to linger around now. The man also got sick and had to take a day off from work, sick men drive me crazy. They are so whiny!

7. What were my accomplishments this month?

Accomplishments this month were small, but good enough for me! I managed to keep the housework under control and also get the insane laundry pile caught up. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done as well!

8. What were my disappointments this month?

Trying on a pair of my nice dressy jeans for a Christmas party only to realize there was no way I could even suck in to get them on. Then having our sitter not show and not being able to go to that Christmas party anyways.

9. How did I do on my goals for the month? (Or any current short or long term goals)

I didn’t really have any goals last month. I do have goals for December tho. I want to exercise at least 3 times a week, keep up with my December album and try to stay as stress free as possible for the holiday season.

10. Anything else noteworthy to include?

The littlest kids got another round of vaccinations this month, don’t have to return until January. The baby very quickly picked up rolling this month and can also scoot himself around on the floor now by digging his toes into the floor and pushing with his feet while pulling with his arms. He was a nice 15lbs 4 oz at his appointment on the 29th. April is still smaller, she’s 23 or so lbs but they said I have nothing to be concerned about because she’s still in the normal range with all her measurements and everything. She is getting much better with words, which is awesome. Every day is a little less babble-y, and she also finally is getting better with calling me mom instead of daddy. She tries to sing along with some of her favorite cartoon songs too…do do do do do Doeda. (Dora). Morgan has been making crafts (and giant messes) on a much more regular basis. She has a couple pictures she has made of giraffes that are actually pretty decent. She has not stopped wearing the crown that came with her Halloween costume since Halloween, every day claiming she’s a princess and has to wear it. I am teaching her how to fold, and while I have to re fold most of it, she thinks she is helping. The threat of Santa not coming has got her to help clean up her own mess a little more as well. She still has her bad days though, where nothing I do makes her listen or be good, but they are lessening.

And, I think that is it for this months round up. I must now go back up all my pictures and get a few other things out of the way before lunch (Oh, I got the good news yesterday that they were able to fix my old laptop and save all my pictures!! It will be getting here on the 17th or so of December with our dog.)


  1. Exciting that your youngest finally started calling you mom instead of daddy!

  2. I love this plan. It works great as a catch-up on your life for your mom and of course, Grandma and Grandpa get to hear more news, too (now how about some pics with it???????)