Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just One of Those Days…

Yup, we all have them and for me today is one. You know, one of those days you wish you could just go back to bed and not wake up til it was over? That is definitely today.

Why? Well, the kids have been whinier than normal, which would be ok if we were in a house that was completely unpacked and under normal circumstances. But we aren’t. I think I have unpacked a grand total of 5 boxes today because it seems every single time I start to unpack a box there is a kid crisis of some sort. It doesn’t help that I am looking for a specific box because it contains our bills for this month, a check for me and the case from the movie I rented a week ago. Do I know what it looks like? No, because I didn’t pack it, the man and his buddies did. That means who knows where it is, what the box looked like or whether it was all packed in the same box. It should have been since it was all in the same location, but that never means too much.

I am however slowly getting boxes out of the living room and out of the house, there is walking space now so that is a good start. I know that about 4 or 5 of the boxes out there are packed of Christmas stuff, and that can go right downstairs, which will also help out a lot. I’m hoping to have everything unpacked by Monday. Maybe not all organized, but unpacked at least! That is my goal. That and to not go crazy while unpacking.

I have managed to scrap a layout in the evenings when I’m trying to wind down and relax for bed, so yay! I used another kit from Geek Chic Scraps called Book Worm because it was too cute to not use with these pictures! Our middle child can’t quite read yet, but she likes to pretend she can and she loves to look at the pictures. She also likes to try and flip the pages too quick when you are reading her a story. She will pick up anything that looks like a book. One day I caught her sitting on the couch “reading” an information book about business loans! Yes, it was upside down, and French but it was still a pretty cute sight. I frequently catch her with her books upside down and a big goofy smile on her face!


I had a lot of fun editing pictures and creating this layout. One of the other things I’m working on in regards to scrapping (I mentioned shadows 2 posts ago) is the photo editing aspect. I used to take my picture as is, yes maybe I would turn it black & white or do selective coloring on it, but that was really it. I never played with curves, levels or my brightness/contrast. If I used an action on a picture I never went through and played around with all the layers to make it work better for my photo. There are many things I would like to learn about photo editing, so I’m happy to be playing around with it and learning new things from various tutorial and photography sites!

I must say though that I am getting mighty jealous of all the Halloween layouts I’m seeing. Since all our pictures were on the other computer holiday kits are going to be a sore spot for me this year I think. I mean of course I’ll be able to use them after the holiday has passed and I have pictures from this year, but it sucks to see everyone else have tons of fun with them right now!

But I guess that’s all for now, must figure out what is for supper and attempt to unpack some more. Fun stuff.

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