Friday, October 1, 2010

Woo Hoo! Could This be THE Return of my Scrapping Mojo?!

I scrapped a layout completely template and scrap lift inspiration free last night! Go me! I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I felt the desire to go above and beyond and do a layout on my own from scratch, but it’s safe to say it’s been a while. I had fun, really enjoyed the process. Cut irregular squares and layered and layered and layered them!

I used a super cute and fun collaboration kit by Sweet Mesquite and Berry Sweet Designs called Messy Girl. I wish I’d had some of my old pictures because I have some great ones of our oldest daughter playing on her quad and in many other messy situations. I found these pictures to be quite suiting too. These girls sure do know how to make one heck of a good mess! Of anything and everything.

Today we did a ton of running around. I finally found the box I was looking for so I was able to deposit a check and return a movie (both of which had been packed inside it!) I also managed to get down to the post office and do our change of address/mail forwarding form with them. A few other errands were run out of the house as well as some more downstairs organizing and cleaning.

The house is very slowly getting unpacked. I can’t wait to be done and back in normal routines again! It will make things so much nicer and so much easier to deal with. Tomorrow I’m taking a slight break from unpacking to do some normal tidying up. Clean bathrooms, laundry, clean up kitchen, vacuum and wash the floors. Then after that I’m going to keep on going with the unpacking. I want to haul the rest of the Christmas stuff down to the basement to put in the storage area under the stairs, unpack the last box (that I’ve found) of kitchen stuff and get the girls clothes unpacked and sorted and put away. That is my goal. I rented myself a movie to watch tomorrow night when I get all that done and have the kids bathed and the girls in bed. My incentive for hopefully achieving a good chunk of my overall weekend goal.

But, I have a cranky, upset baby right now, so I’m off! Hope everyone has a great start to their weekends.

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