Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooktacular CU Templates

Well I finally got a new product in store. These are my Spooktacular Halloween layered templates. They come in photoshop files with all layers in tact or also in png files for those who can’t open up psd’s. There are 5 different Halloween templates that I drew up with my Wacom tablet and there is also a bonus doodled word phrase included. The regular price is $3.00 but right now I have them (and other products) on sale in my stores 31% off for Halloween! This sale will go til Nov 1st before prices are changed back to regular. So if you grab them right now you can get them for $2.07. They are PU/S4H/CU OK and have been quality checked by both the stores I sell at.


Grab them at either my ESS store or my Digiridoo store! While your in either store, check around my other products too, there are lots of other 31% off deals going on this weekend.

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