Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lovin Life

That’s right, at this very moment I’m loving my life! We’re pretty close to being completely unpacked now, furniture we have is in place, furniture we need has been ordered in. The baby has nicely transitioned to his crib and the girls bunk beds are only a week away. Halloween candy has been purchased, we have the babies costume. The girls costumes have been found, but not yet purchased. The man said he’ll do it right away, and bring them up for the girls to wear. We managed to get most of our “ready for winter” yard work done, lawn was mowed one last time, leaves raked and blown, I got about half the flowers cut back and we tilled the garden. The garages have been mostly organized and the trucks, lawn mowers, etc. have all been washed. I’ve been able to do some designing in my new, more me style. I’ve also been able to do some scrapping! Things are just all falling back into place and it feels wonderful!

We’re doing our Thanksgiving supper tonight, even though Thanksgiving is really tomorrow. The man and his mom have to head back south tomorrow so he can be back for school Tuesday morning. Since it’s an 8 hour drive we decided just to do our big meal tonight. That means 2 things. 1) Deep fried turkey!!!! 2) Stretchy pants. We’ve got our turkey deep fryer all found and ready to go, we have brand new oil for it and a nice full propane tank. It will be nice to do it on a cement driveway instead of trying to find a flat spot in the grass, so yay! We’ll also be having salad, vegetables, potatoes, biscuits, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie for dessert! I’m pretty excited and so is my stomach.

I’ve been able to scrap a bit lately and have 2 new layouts. The first one is a milestone because after scrapping only girls for the last few years I finally tackled my first boy layout! It was nice, different and not as scary as I made it out to be in my head!  I’m glad that I did it too because with a baby boy around there will be a lot of layouts to scrap of him. The second layout I made I can’t share just yet, because the kit I used hasn’t been released but it was a fun kit to play with too! Both pages are made with products from Colie’s Corner, her design style meshes well with the way I like to scrap, so it’s always fun to play with new things.


Isn’t he adorable!!!!! The kit I used for this layout is called Serenity and it worked perfectly! I loved that plaid paper right off the bat and knew I had to use it. I also used a template set by Colie for this, For Starters template set 33. I flipped it because I wanted to and changed some element placement and removed some elements as well. I love the way this page came out though and I love that I was still able to use flowers on a boy layout (that was a major concern for me!)

I’m looking forward to being able to be productive this week, hopefully get some designing done. I have another collaboration contribution in the works as well as the very starting of an actual kit! I’m hoping I can get a few smaller things done this week too, so hopefully everything goes well and I’m able to get some actual work done! With all the leftovers I’m sure that we’ll have I shouldn’t have to cook for a week, so that saves a whole lot of time right there. The sheer fact that so much stuff is now set up and organized helps a ton too, it lowers my stress levels tenfold.

I, however, am off for now. Lots of things I want to finish up today and lots of things to get ready for tonight. Hope all my fellow Canadians are having a fantastic Thanksgiving long weekend, and of course that all my American friends are having great weekends as well!

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