Monday, October 4, 2010

It’s Coming!

Hween'10 ScavHunt Ad

The staff at Enchanted Studio Scraps have been planning some Halloween fun for you! Come check us out in the forums for all kinds of Spook-tacular activities! The Scavenger Hunt starts this Friday, Oct 8th. If you find all 10 of the pumpkins that are hidden you will win an ESS Mega Kit of your choice. Also for the whole month of October the regular ESS challenges are all Halloween themed as well, so there is tons of fun to be had! If you need some new Halloween scrap supplies there are a whole lot of Halloween themed products in the store right now too, so stop in and take a look around.

In other news, I am in fact designing again, so yay! I have been working on a few things here and there, but I’m going with as little CU as possible and have been adding in a lot of hand drawn doodle elements. Once I find my scanner I’m going to be in fighting shape because I’ll be able to add handcrafted elements as well, which will be super fun! So be on the lookout for some new products from me (finally!)

The house is coming along. I started to unpack kids clothes today but didn’t get too far. I got the babies stuff all set up, and started working on the girls clothes. Man do they have a lot of clothing, it’s going to be an insane feat of organization to get it all put away! Tomorrow I think I’m going to tackle me and the mans clothing first, then find any other unpacking I can do that will put off getting their clothes out as long as possible…ok, I know I shouldn’t. If I’m good then I’ll just get their stuff out, sorted, organized and put away.

It’s Thanksgiving here this weekend coming up, so I need to have the house as organized as possible by Friday. Not an easy task, but I will give it all I can. The man is coming home for the weekend from school before heading back for his last 2 weeks of it. I can not wait for him to be done. Can not. He will, however, hopefully be smart and hook our satellite dish up this weekend while he’s here because if he doesn’t there’s a good chance he will be doing it in the snow when he gets back from school! I really don’t think I can go much longer without having the TV all set up. I don’t watch it a ton, but I do have certain shows I like to watch and of course I got to see the 1st episode of the new seasons and then have been tv-less since. I also enjoy listening to the radio station and DJ programmed stations on the satellite because we have it hooked up to a nice sound system and it’s much easier than rifling through CD’s. (We have no good in service radio station in our area because we live to far north to have one that isn’t news or doesn’t have the evening church hours cut in.)

But since the little guy has calmed down a bit I’m off to do some more designing for awhile! Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

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