Saturday, October 16, 2010

More and More Back to Normal

So things are slowly becoming more normal in the new house, and I’m slowly trying to get my life back closer to normal. I believe that as of today I have unpacked and half organized all my art supplies, so yay for that!!! I have enrolled in a couple workshops for various things because I have realized that being creative is such a huge part of my life and the past few years I’ve just been too focused on work and the kids to do much of anything for me.

Well that is now over! I bought myself some new clothes last week for the first time since the last time I went maternity clothes shopping. I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel now that I have some normal non-maternity clothes that are newer than about 6 years old. After I realized how nice that felt, I thought that maybe it was about time I did something else for me, something I enjoyed in the past. So here I am, with unpacked art supplies waiting to work on some of the projects and techniques in the workshops I signed up for. I really think it will help me feel more like myself again and help me be a better person, which of course helps me be a better mom and a happier more whole person. I will be posting the things I work on here and talking about them as well, so be on the lookout for that!

I am in the Battle of the Creative Teams for Geek Chic Scraps and our first round entries were due last night. I had a layout all nice and mostly done for it, but then hated it and redid the whole thing with a new kit. I’m still not fully happy with the layout, but it was a vast improvement on the original!

You Me

MOST of the supplies I used came from the kit Thankful for You which was just released at Scrap Matters yesterday! I did however also use some other products by her as well, I used some parts of Book Worm and Falling for You which I’ve done full pages with in the past. I also used an alpha out of Kind of a Big Deal and 2 alphas that are sold alone (Recycled Newspaper and Ohh Shiny) and the white stitches came from Scrappers Toolbox Vol. 1 by Tara (Geek Chic Scraps) as well. We had a “recipe” for this first challenge and the hardest part of it for me was probably using 10 ribbons. I’m still not happy with the ribbons, but I am my own worst critic and others have told me that they aren’t as bad as I seem to think so we’re ok! I am anxiously awaiting the results of Week 1, and looking forward to the challenge for week 2 to come out.

But for now I must go, lots of things in the works for the next week until the man is done school!

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